Bollywood Movies

The bollywood movie industry is one of the leading movie industries in the world today, producing in excess of twelve hundred movies a year. Some of the world’s most famous actors and actresses first began their career or have appeared in bollywood movies. Bollywood movies have changed over the years. At one time most bollywood movies were romantic love stories, whereas today, most popular or famous bollywood movies have a violent theme running through them. Even bollywood is changing their style of keep up with their American equivalent, Hollywood.

Bollywood has produced several top grossing movies in 2008. Once such movie is Jodhaa Akbar. This historical film that was released in early 2008 is a romantic movie that highlights the romance between Muslim Mughal Emperor Akbar and his Hindu wife, Jodhabai. While the movie is one hundred percent accurate, the director of the film is conservative in stating that it is over seventy percent accurate. Most, if not all, of the events that occur in the move have been based on real events that have occurred throughout history in some way.

If you are looking for an action packed film, then look no further than Race. This bollywood movie takes place in South Africa and contains elements of comedy, action and thrill seeking behavior. This movie explores such themes as sibling rivalry, passion and romance. While
there are mixed reviews from critics, Race has gone on to become the fifth highest money making bollywood movie of the year.

Due to the increase in popularity of bollywood movies, most American movie stores have created a section for foreign films, most of which are produced by the bollywood movie industry. If you are interested in finding a particular bollywood movie, there are many online sites that list the most popular bollywood movies and several popular stores will have a list of bollywood films that they may carry.


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